Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Celeb Weightloss Favourite

#1. Organic Wu-Long Tea (Hollywood Weight Loss Wu Yi Slimming Tea)

Celeb Weightloss Favourite Rated No#1 - The first celebrity weight loss product I would like to introduce you to is not only my favourite because of its simplicity and effectiveness but it actually has a whole catalogue of health benefits attached to it which I will tell you about as you read on.

 I’m not overly into prescriptive or chemical weight loss supplements (I know they work for some people but it’s a personal choice) so when I decided to try this tea, it was based on the fact that it’s 100% natural...
In fact, Hollywood celebs such as Rachael Ray openly admit to using Wu-Long tea to burn fat and I don’t think she could actually be any hotter! Now, don’t get me wrong, when I heard it was the world’s best selling weight loss secret, I did initially have to do more research on it before I could believe that a ‘tea’ could ever have such a profound effect. I mean, I drink tea all the time (especially herbal tea) so it’s almost crazy that the ingredients work to the extent that they do. 

More amazingly, Chinese scientists have jumped on board and are agreeing that it is “the world’s most powerful fat burner” so what did I do? I decided to try it for myself before I told anyone that it worked!

Let me describe some of the ways that it helped me after just one cup of this little miracle. I drank it religiously for a month so I’ll briefly take you with me on the mini weight loss journey I had after pregnancy.

One cup later – Ok, so if snacks were vegetables I would probably be the healthiest person alive. The chocolate and crisps in my cupboard don’t stand a chance on a daily basis. However, I have to tell you that after just one cup – as weird as it may be- my urge to snack wasn’t that high. I can’t explain why that happened; it must be an appetite suppressant to some degree which is perfectly fine by me! You might get a slight tingly feeling in your stomach and because I’m so paranoid I instantly thought – “What has this done to me?” but I learned later that this feeling is what happens when your metabolism is speeding up. Plus, it’s good to feel it working.

One week later – with Wu-long Tea you get a surprising feeling of cleansing and detox and it definitely lifted my mood. But what did the scales say? I was 3 pounds lighter! One week, no effort – my kind of tea!

Two weeks later – My skin was glowing, no exaggeration. I also had trimmed up all over my body. My skin felt tighter yet more supple and I felt an overall increase in wellness and mood. Wu-long tea claims to have anti-aging properties and I fully believe that it was making me look and feel younger after every cup. I didn’t really care about the science behind it even though I knew the details, all I cared about was that it was renewing me in a way that I’d never felt before! Plus, it wasn’t even expensive when I bought it so that can only be a bonus.

3 weeks later – I felt at this stage that I had basically reached my desired weight. I had been drinking 3 cups a day although some people might drink less or more than that. Wu- long tea guarantees remarkable results after four weeks but I didn’t have to wait that long. I can only guess that it would depend on how much weight you needed to lose, I wasn’t overweight as such, I just wanted to lose a little pregnancy weight which they say is very hard to shift. Either way, it seems to do what it says so that’s good enough for me.  

Four weeks later – I drank this tea all the way to week four and then just had a few cups a week to date. I’m not drinking it to lose more weight at this stage, I’m drinking it to stay in shape, stay toned and I’ve honestly never felt better. 

I think that my conclusion after drinking Wu-long Tea has to be that it makes you feel amazing, burns fat, gives you energy, makes your skin clearer, detoxes your body and just gives you that feeling of doing something positive for yourself. Most of all, it definitely helps you lose weight really fast and I think that’s why I have it up here on the site so that you too can check it out it for yourself - Wu Yi Tea - Tava Tea

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