Cherie's Story

Most people who want to start up a weight loss blog usually have a story of their own, one in which they succeeded in becoming thin and want to share the resources that helped them do it. However, I want to take you on a slightly different journey and expand your awareness of what 'true' weight loss really means and the personal horrors that led me to create this blog.

When I was five years old, my mother developed depression. Her doctor didn't give her ways to combat this stress nor did they suggest positive ways to overcome the condition she was in. Instead, they pumped her full of 13 daily pills without question. She is taking them to this day, cocooned in a surreal world with no hope of ever getting her normal life back.

Her weight ballooned as a side effect and her self esteem - the reason she first went into depression - kept her in her negative state. She wanted to take more drugs for this and ended up with further side effects. For every side effect there was a drug ready to take it all away for her - or so she thought until she nearly died.

As I grew older, I began to develop a deep resentment for all types of legally distributed pharmaceutical drugs and although I was aware that they were a necessary part of some people's lives, I always felt that something more sinister was at work in the medical industry and that there had to be a natural solution to physical problems aside drugs. Why were people not being geared towards natural solutions that had been proven to work again and again?

In my writing years that followed, I kept in contact with a man named David from the 'Humans Rights Commission' who opened my eyes to the true inevitable dangers of legal chemical ingredients with a series of corporate videos privately filming the pharmaceutical industry in action. In one meeting, the creators of these drugs talked about what way they could best increase their sales by producing new drugs and discussed how much commission doctors could get if they prescribed it to their patients. It is a very lucrative industry and your struggle to lose weight benefits them massively. In fact, the regulating body (when it says on a product -FDA approved) is designed to govern what goes into food and also what goes into drugs so it's not surprising that the foods with hidden sugar and fat (that are adding to your problem) are also being distributed by the people who then sell you the solution. They're the problem and the fake solution - cha ching!!

Harmful ingredients are in products we buy all the time but more relevantly for you - weight loss supplements, weight loss foods and weight loss drugs. That is why you'll find I haven't monetised my blog with 'adsense' because I know the whole array of (pardon me) 'crap' that they will suggest to you as a weight loss solution and I don't want to make money if it exploits your health. It wouldn't make sense.  

This blog aims to target fake and low quality ingredients that companies label as 'natural' just because it has one aloe vera leaf in a sea of chemicals. This weight loss blog is just another way that I can encourage individuals who see my work to stay safe and only use weight loss ingredients that are genuinely natural. Otherwise your money is going into the pockets of people who don't care about your wellbeing any more than they care about shaving a horse.

This is why you'll find my weight loss blog only contains suggestions based on thorough research of what's good for you and what isn't. Methods I've used to keep thin or supplements my friends have tried (all 100% natural or organic). That's not to say I'm a health 'freak', lying outside in the car-park of mass food chains in protest. I eat normally believe me and I'm not always good at it - but I'm aware of what's good for you and what's not, what works and what doesn't. In fact, I've studied nutrition for many years, learning and liaising with some of the healthiest food experts in the world.

You want to lose weight or you wouldn't be reading this, but if you are feeling desperate, you might try a quick fix and buy some weight loss drugs that have been tested and proven to increase heart rate and bring on heart attacks. The famous 'Ephedra' capsule (and then the 'Star caps' enigma that followed) were both banned for this reason and yet this information only came to light after hundreds of people had taken them. In fact, studies have confirmed that when they selected two random weight loss drugs, both increased the heart rate of candidates within one week of taking them. You'll see more of this in my articles. Does that seem safe to you?

You wouldn't put diesel in a petrol car because it's not designed for it and the body works in the exact same way. It too, is a vehicle that carries you. The choice you have to make is whether you want it to carry you effortlessly the way it was designed or do you want to give it problems on the journey? Fad diets will make you miserable and drugs will make you lose weight unsafely ... so let's find a way to stay in shape just as quickly without those risks.

My aim is to help people realise that losing weight is as much about looking after your health as it is looking great. You only have one 'you' and you're so important. You have every right to know ALL of the options available to you for weight loss including the most naturally safe ways to lose weight. Trust me, it will give you the same if not better results than just popping addictive pills.

I'll conclude my story by saying that I cannot claim to be overweight, I never have been. I don't have any weightloss success stories and yet I've always been in reasonable shape so something must be working. As a wise man once told me - "If you want to learn about how to be healthy, study people who live that way." In the same way, the fact that I've learned so much about health, fitness, psychology and nutrition (and what works consistently in these fields over the years) might just be the reason why I'm motivated to stay in shape. I'm not perfect, trust me,  I love and do things I shouldn't all the time but I hope I can help you realise that we all can master great health and with some good advice and support, you too can reach and stay at your ideal weight and live a full and vibrant life.

I wish you all the weight loss success you deserve.

Stay 'safe and natural',