Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Weight Loss Program- Which Program Is Really Worth It?

Many of my friends use a specific weight loss program to help keep them in shape. Each one of them uses a different program - trying techniques and foods that work for them specifically (after a long process of trying other weight loss programs that were simply scams or fads and did not achieve any long term weight loss for them.)

In this respect, how do you know that the weight loss program that YOU invest in will actually make a difference?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lose Weight Fast And Naturally - 10 Natural Weight Loss Tips

To lose weight fast and naturally, there are things you can begin to do right now before you invest your time and money in the latest weight loss products. Having seen some of the weirdest and unfounded weight loss tips out there, I would like to bust some myths and so have compiled ten of my own most simple yet useful weight loss tips online for you to begin using today as part of your daily weight loss regime - tips that I have researched, used and would recommend to anyone. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat - You Probably Didn't Know...

Exercises to lose belly fat have been rolled out across the internet from videos to blogs and even ebooks. Unfortunately, as I was doing my much needed (yet very boring) research into what exercises would work the fastest for unwanted belly jelly - I uncovered so many contradictions that I started thinking about having a slice of cake instead.

Now, luckily, I happen to be very good friends with some seriously healthy people, (people who make my abs look like they're having a permanent rest) and their advice on to lose belly fat works - because I can see that it does!
Before I go on, however, you know how I love to quash the myths around weight loss and ensure that you stop buying and investing in marketing magicians that aren't certified... so first I need you tell you this -

Monday, 14 March 2011

Mediterranean Diet - Delicious Weightloss

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest eating regimes in the world. It is unquestionably slimming and it's what I like to call 'delicious weightloss' since many of the diets out there are exceptionally nasty and sacrificial. 

In fact, Mediterranean based recipes are not only tasty but are very cheap and easy to make on a daily basis. In the modern society we live in today, you won't have to move to Sardinia   just to share in the secrets of the Mediterranean lifestyle...  

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Motivational Weight Loss Quotes

In today's post I would like to list my Top 20 motivational weight loss quotes of all time. You might wonder how a few quotes could possibly help you on your weight loss journey but I believe that sometimes all you need is a little inspiration from people who started where you are now and have reached their ideal weight.

 In this way, your mind is stretched to the possibility that it is achievable and this belief is essential throughout the weight loss process (since every one of your goals begins in the mind...)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Vegan Weightloss - Lose Weight In Only One Step

When I first contemplated this weight loss method I was asked by a few of my friends - "What exactly is vegan weightloss? Is it just an extreme vegetarian plan?" Well, if you are a practising vegan, you'll reel at this blatent ignorance but for the rest of us a vegan is defined as follows -

"Veganism - The practice of eating neither meat nor other animal products, such as fish, milk and milk products, eggs, and honey; A way of life which strictly avoids use of any kind of animal products and services that are based on exploitation of animals." en.wiktionary.org/wiki/veganism

This means that as a vegan, you would not eat any animal or anything that is produced from its body. 

Now, although the fundamentals of veganism are built on rejecting animal cruelty and the exploitation of their resources, the indirect benefits of this type of diet are huge if practised correctly...

Friday, 25 February 2011

Weight Loss Drug - 'Health Beat' Exploits Weight Loss Companies

In the world of the 'weight loss drug', we are enveloped in a cloud of hope and fast, easy weight loss. 

We turn away from what's naturally available and instead are drawn into a web of hype and precise marketing. I would like to keep this particular post short and sweet and let this video do the talking.  

If it helps to alert you to the uncanny link between weight loss drugs and the addiction that huge retailers call 'making themselves money' then I've done my job... 

Fat Burning Foods - Top 3 Food Myths To Avoid

On the internet, if you type in the words -'Fat Burning Foods' you will be swamped with dieting advice, recipes and eating plans that swear to burn fat off your body quicker than a  New York Minute.

The problem with these fat burning solutions is that many people understand the basics of healthy dieting but have little or no awareness of how the body itself works or processes these foods. Maybe the weight loss foods are correct in theory but unless you know how and when to take them (and with what) - you might end wondering why your not losing any significant weight... 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Celeb Weightloss Favourite

#1. Organic Wu-Long Tea (Hollywood Weight Loss Wu Yi Slimming Tea)

Celeb Weightloss Favourite Rated No#1 - The first celebrity weight loss product I would like to introduce you to is not only my favourite because of its simplicity and effectiveness but it actually has a whole catalogue of health benefits attached to it which I will tell you about as you read on.

 I’m not overly into prescriptive or chemical weight loss supplements (I know they work for some people but it’s a personal choice) so when I decided to try this tea, it was based on the fact that it’s 100% natural...

Weight Loss Foods... That Work!

The biggest problem with weight loss foods is that there are so many different suggestions as to what you should eat – you’re left running round in circles like a crazed seagull swooping from diet to diet.

One source will tell you a certain food works towards weight loss and another will tell you that the very same food is bad for you. So what do you do? ...

Monday, 21 February 2011

After Weightloss: Firming Your Breasts Again

After weight loss, especially if it's a significant weight reduction, it is often natural to find that your breasts have lost some volume or firmness in the process and firming your breasts again is not an easy task to say the least.

After my pregnancy weight loss, I noticed that the first place I began to lose firmness was my breasts but it didn't phase me because I was determined to return them to their original form somehow and let me tell you....

Tried Everything To Lose Weight? Try This...

Ok, so maybe you've tried everything in the 'Weight loss' market, but that extra weight just won't budge. Or as I hear more commonly- you do lose weight only to keep putting it back on again at a later date. This might even be a constant battle no matter how many times you've tried to lose weight and keep it off permanently. So why is it despite your best intentions that you can't seem to achieve your weight loss goals?

Well, I believe it's not what product or system you have tried that's holding you back. In fact, if it's your situation I'm describing, I fully believe that there is something deeper at work here and it's all about you.....

Friday, 18 February 2011

Acai Berry Weight Loss Supplement – “Lose 5lbs Per Week With Completely Natural Superfood"

If you know anything about natural foods, you’ll know that the Acai Berry is a world renowned 'superfood' and it has more health benefits than just weight loss. In fact, it’s one of the healthiest weight loss (or otherwise) supplements available.

This fruit will promote weight loss, increase your energy (naturally), clean up your digestive track, improve eyesight, reduce the prospect of cancer due to its antioxidant benefits and much more. Acai berry has been in the news and media for many years but only now has it been proven and marketed as a serious weight loss product.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Losing Weight The Safe Way

For some of us, losing weight seems about as likely as Brad Pitt's car breaking down at your front door. With a broken phone, a lust for tap-water and temporary amnesia of course. (For the guys among us... Angelina? You pick.) 

However, sometimes we forget the relentless capacity that we as human beings have when we set our mind to it.