Friday, 18 February 2011

Acai Berry Weight Loss Supplement – “Lose 5lbs Per Week With Completely Natural Superfood"

If you know anything about natural foods, you’ll know that the Acai Berry is a world renowned 'superfood' and it has more health benefits than just weight loss. In fact, it’s one of the healthiest weight loss (or otherwise) supplements available.

This fruit will promote weight loss, increase your energy (naturally), clean up your digestive track, improve eyesight, reduce the prospect of cancer due to its antioxidant benefits and much more. Acai berry has been in the news and media for many years but only now has it been proven and marketed as a serious weight loss product.

In light of this information, I decided to source the best Acai Berry Weightloss offer available so that you could view it. This means that I have only looked for 100% whole berry supplement in its purest form.  It’s so important (and I can’t emphasise this enough) that before you buy anything online – you make sure that the product, even if it’s well marketed, has the highest grade of ingredients in its most 'active' state. Otherwise, the weightloss supplement you choose will just work in theory but won’t have a high enough concentration (isn’t pure enough) to work properly.

Here’s some of the benefits of the one I’ve selected for you -
  • Lose weight fast – Immediately after you start using it (that is, from day 1), this pure Acai Berry allows you to start losing weight at a rate of 1-5 lbs/week!
  • Purity/quality of ingredients – The Acai Berry that is used is 100% pure, unaltered & untouched. Even more exceptional is that the Acai used is an organic, 100% Amazonian freeze dried Acai Berry. (As a note - it's freeze drying that retains Acai's weight loss effectiveness so don’t pick any weightloss supplements that are not preserved in this way. All the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants are lost if it's not!)
Most Acai Berry per serving – To benefit from Acai Berry, you need at least 500mg to 1,000mg of Acai Berry per day. With this Pure Acai Berry you will get 1,500mg per day of 100% pure Acai Berry. In my research, I haven't seen this with any other Acai weightloss pill. 

In fact, recently, I came across a few blogs online stating that the Acai berry theory was a scam and that the amount needed to have any weightloss benefit was not what was being sold online. I completely agree. It took me a long time to find the right people that were willing to use the complete berry, preserved in the correct way and in the right dosage.  

Scams are prevalent all across the internet as companies want to spend the least amount on their ingredients in order to maximise their profits. This enlightening fact (mixed with companies trying to make a few bucks out of Oprah) lead to the Acai Berry being painted with the 'evil' brush but the health and wellness benefits of the 'real' berry is second to none. As you continue to read my posts, you'll see that even the most trusted corporations are often not as considerate of your spending as you'd think.
    If you want to check out my choice for yourself and want to lose weight ‘fast and natural’ (as is my constant headline) then go here - Acai Berry Actives- Healthiest Weightloss Supplement

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    Dr Manny From Fox Talks About The Acai Berry's OTHER Benefits aside weightloss- 

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    1. That is some great info on Acai Berry. The Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry has many ‘super’ antioxidant attributes also. I've read studies that show that Acai contains 10 times more antioxidants than blueberries. The antioxidants present in Acai Berries can make your skin look healthier and younger and can prevent free radicals attack your cells, keeping age related diseases at bay.

      Hannah Gilmore| Natural Health & Wellness

      Hi! I’m Hannah, and I have been working on the Delta Labs research team for about a year now. My areas of expertise are in Prenatal & Postnatal health and wellness. While I love to talk about these topics with ya'll, I should remind you that the views expressed are my personal opinions, and you should always seek the expertise of your physician before starting any new exercise or supplement regimen.

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