Want To Increase Traffic To Your Weight Loss Blog?

Have you got a weight loss blog you would like to share with the world? Well, then, you'll just have to your increase your traffic. Sounds easy doesn't it? It's not. You'll be like a little tadpole in a sea of frogs when you first start out - that is without either - hard work or - a little help.

On the day that I first started this weight loss blog, although I already knew how to increase traffic manually, I had very little time to do any marketing. I remember quickly checking through my emails and Andrew Reynold's words were echoing in my head - "All emails are not spam - look for the pieces of gold" so I decided to open a few of them for once. Unfortunately after two... I started to develop a profound hate for the words 'Shocking' and 'Guru'.

Then, just as I was about to close my inbox, I saw this - "Want to increase traffic to your blog?" I thought - "Yes, I do... who are you?"  On reading further, I noticed it was a recommendation by Joe Vitale (my all time favourite author) and so I clicked on it... like I do with all his mail. Only this time, his affiliate, Chris Allen was trying to sell me a Free Traffic Software. And it worked.

So, instead of telling you all the ways that this little piece of software was sold to me with the risk of boring you to death, I'll tell you the following - 

  • I bought it, I have it on my laptop.
  • It's called 'Free Mass Traffic' and I'd heard of it before... just hadn't bothered at the time.
  • I liked the price (approx £20/$30); probably the cheapest I've come across for a submitter
  • You there's no further payments or subscriptions
  • It DOES increase traffic to your blog/site almost instantly
  • It DOES let you submit as many blogs as you dare to make
  • It allows you to manually or automatically pick your submission destinations
  • If you check reviews, you'll find nothing but praise

Now, I have to say, I didn't wake up and have the media at my door with blogging questions, so it's definitely a little over - hyped if anything but it certainly took hours off the SEO bit. Plus you can add as many URLS/projects/blogs as you like - which turned out to be a curse for me since my marketing buddies new conversation starter is - "I have a new site up (cough) I want to increase traffic... would you mind putting it through your submitter? Great."

The traffic submitter works like this - In one click, it automatically pings your individual feeds to hundreds of high ranking sites, its submits your link to various social networks and hundreds of directories and has an inbuilt RSS submitter (again, hundreds of high ranking sites). In short - you don't have to source them, post on them or submit anything. It does it all for you in one place. Not magic - but time saving, yes.

There's not much more I can say about it. I was wary at the start, as everyone is, but it has now become an essential when I'm creating new sites and need a traffic head -start. I have included it in this blog so that if you have a new weight loss blog like me and you want to increase traffic to it then I think it's worth checking out - Free Mass Traffic Submitter  

Let me know!