Thursday, 3 March 2011

Vegan Weightloss - Lose Weight In Only One Step

When I first contemplated this weight loss method I was asked by a few of my friends - "What exactly is vegan weightloss? Is it just an extreme vegetarian plan?" Well, if you are a practising vegan, you'll reel at this blatent ignorance but for the rest of us a vegan is defined as follows -

"Veganism - The practice of eating neither meat nor other animal products, such as fish, milk and milk products, eggs, and honey; A way of life which strictly avoids use of any kind of animal products and services that are based on exploitation of animals."

This means that as a vegan, you would not eat any animal or anything that is produced from its body. 

Now, although the fundamentals of veganism are built on rejecting animal cruelty and the exploitation of their resources, the indirect benefits of this type of diet are huge if practised correctly...
In fact, recent and ongoing studies have proven that if you just became a vegan and did nothing else, you would lose weight. It's really that simple. In fact, if you just became a normal vegetarian you would shed pounds - however, the vegan approach achieves faster and longer lasting results which is probably fair because it is definitely a stricter eating regime. 

However, I do happen to have some vegan friends and when probed their advice is this -   
  • There is some seriously delicious vegan recipes out there (I have tried them as a meat eater and I was very surprised at how many new flavours I experienced.)  
  • Eating a vegan diet DEFINITELY helps to keep you thin or at least to lose extra weight that you have.
  • You will notice your energy rise and your skin will become clearer and more youthful.
  •  If you know of a vegan or vegetarian that looks like he/she could use a good steak, then it's NOT being practised correctly and in the right amounts. A healthy vegan knows what foods to eat and feels incredible on a daily basis.
  • Vegan weightloss is more achievable and more permanent than most if not all diet plans out there. 
Now, let's just say that a life without animals products may not be easy, especially if, like me, most of your habitual eating habits are based on meat and milk products from early childhood. If it was that easy, our animals would be free to live in the way they were designed and we'd all be skinny marathon runners. For this reason my blog title - "Lose Weight In Only One Step" is slightly misleading since although it IS in fact just one decision and one step, it takes commitment and lifestyle changes that are only for the determined. However, I may be able to motivate you if you are willing to give it a try.   

Watch this privately filmed video. WARNING - contains some graphic images.

And for good measure, here's some footage about the lies surrounding calcium in milk and dairy -

For the reasons stated in the video and the many years that I have been studying the mass produced food market, I can only eat free range chicken and opt for organic food when available. My uncle Justin once said to me - "You know, we are the only mammals on the planet that would feed our young with the milk of another animal." Weird observation. But it stuck with me. 

Even if the ethical issue was removed from the equasion, the nutritional standards of modern meat and dairy are not all they're cracked up to be. Anti- biotics given to sick cows from over milking and cramped spacing leads to stressed, chemically induced cows. This does not make for good meat or dairy for that matter. 

Even worse is that the media have now shown that 'lean' meats such as chicken (people use these religiously for weightloss) is now fattier than red meat. 

Why? Because, just like us, a chicken that has never exercised develops muscle deterioration which turns to loose and unhealthy fat. Plus, if they are not getting the right light, clean air and high quality nutrients then neither will we when we consume them or their eggs.

                                               WARNING: Graphic Images

Despite this video's creepy overtone, it has a point and if your food is marketed in any other way than free range, you can guarantee that this is the life they experienced before they landed neatly on your plate, wrapped in bacon.  

Taking up a good vegan weightloss regime will guarantee that you get the highest quality of vitamins, proteins and minerals naturally contained in fruit, veg and seeds. These nutrients will surpass any of those contained in the meat and dairy you eat - plus you'll be thinner. If anything, it's a better and more considerate food practise for all concerned.

If you want to see a vegan weightloss recipe book that I believe has all the health requirements stated in this article, then get this - Vegan Recipe Book

And for delicious vegan desserts - Click Here!

If you can't do it on your own and you want a more intensive assisted program to help you - Click Here!

Good luck as always,

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Source: Vegan Weightloss - Lose Weight In Only One Step


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